Applications – Inspections


Save time and money!


Want to save time and money? Deploy drones for an efficient inspection.

DronePoint is the solution for the mapping and inspecting of objects, infrastructures and locations.
Our drones are equipped with GPS, different types of cameras; DSLR (Canon / GoPro), video or thermal (FLIR), but can also be outfitted with sensors and sniffers or any other measuring equipment.

The images can be presented on your website or portal. It is also possible to process the images with process-supporting software or 3D modeling software.

Interested in a drone inspection?


  • Pylon inspections
  • Construction sites / construction projects
  • Dike inspections with (thermal) camera
  • Calamity surveillance
  • Inspections
  • Drought inspections, temperature
  • Oil pollution inspection
  • Algae growth monitoring
  • Mutation detection
  • Salinity and water levels
  • Nature landscape; for example waterfowl